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Est. 2022

Love Our Land is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, citizen driven environmental education and protection organization that was officially established in February, 2022.

Doug and Mike started out as members of Loveland's Tree and Environment Committee and were committed to fighting the biodiversity crisis that our area faces. After some time, they realized that southwest Ohio also needed  an organization that focused on the people of this area and their private property- since most of the land is indeed privately owned- in order to make a real impact on biodiversity.   


With the intent of reconnecting local citizens and nature through education and activities, Love Our Land can help people realize the need of transforming their own natural spaces into havens for natives species for the benefit of us all. 


  So in 2020, while maintaining their committee positions on the TEC , they created Love Our Land- allowing them more freedom to reach more people and land.  

While Doug is the environmental and nature expert, Mike is the man with the plan. 


Doug works full-time as an environmental consultant.  He has worked with a variety of wildlife across the U.S.- including the Mexican Spotted Owl in NM, pine martens in CA, burrowing owls and reptiles in ID, many species of bats across the eastern U.S., and the rusty patched bumble bee across its range.  His skills and expertise with a variety of wildlife have allowed him to successfully lead a number of projects that have helped ensure the protection of rare, threatened. and endangered species. Doug is currently on his second term on Loveland's Tree and Environment Committe.

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Mike is a high school social studies teacher.  He has his master's degree in Secondary Education and has been in the classroom for over 15 years teaching various classes.  Mike spends his Summers off with his kids in the woods and along the river.  He is on his 3rd term with Loveland's Tree and Environment Committee (his second term as the committee's chairman) and he is serving his first term on Loveland's Parks and Rec Board as Clerk.  

Board of Directors

Mike Meldon- Co-Founder, CEO

Doug Gilbert- Co-Founder, COO

Kyle Canan

Board of Advisors

Nick Winnenberg

Sue Burnett

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Kyle Canan is an avid naturalist, mushroom enthusiast, and lover of trees. He was born and raised in southwest Ohio where he currently resides with his wife and four kids. His family travels with him throughout Ohio and to other states like Michigan, Indiana, and California to explore nature. Kyle is most fascinated with mushrooms and their incredible properties; medicinal, psychoactive, edible, etc. He collects and documents all mushrooms he encounters, preserving them in his personal 'fungarium', a storage system for dried specimens. Kyle has created his own at-home lab that includes microscopes and DNA extraction equipment, among other things. Kyle is a board member of the Ohio Mushroom Society, where he leads mushroom walks and forays in southwest Ohio to pass on his knowledge to others and to aid citizens with mushroom identification. Additionally, Kyle is the Darke County coordinator for the Old-growth Forest Network. His role is to work with the local park staff and landowners to search for old forests and nominate them to the Network. His personal love of trees, especially ancient ones, contributes to his success with identifying and nominating old-growth forests. #mushlove