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Do you or your kids want to connect and form a relationship with our natural world? Would you like them to be able to interpret what’s going on in the environment around them? Maybe you’re simply looking for an opportunity for them to get outdoors and enjoy nature. If so, we have the group for you! This summer we’re introducing our Youth Conservation Team that has a mission to connect youth, ages 11 to 15, with Nature in meaningful ways that cultivate a sense of stewardship for our lands and waters. Over time, members will learn to be comfortable in the outdoors and how to observe the natural world in ways that help them interpret the status of the ecosystems around them. They will develop and implement their own conservation projects in the greater Loveland area to promote the health of local ecosystems. Additionally, they will spread the knowledge they gain by educating other youth in surrounding communities.

Unfortunately, our kids are positioned to carry the burden of past and current environmental degradation. It’s more important now than ever that they connect with nature and gain the knowledge and skills necessary to address the environmental challenges we face globally and locally. By building a team of conservation-minded youth, we can help ensure future generations are capable of successfully solving the many environmental problems we face.


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Welcome to the Youth Conservation Team:

Connecting to Our Land

September - December 

At the Youth Conservation Team, we're thrilled to embark on our "Connecting to Our Land" phase from September to December 31, 2023. During this period, our dedicated members will be delving into three essential connections:

  1. Nature: Our youth will explore the wonders of the natural world, honing their observational skills, embracing scientific inquiry, and fostering an appreciation for our local ecosystems. Expect exciting outdoor adventures where we learn and connect with the beauty of the environment.

  2. Team: Teamwork is essential. We'll engage in thrilling team-building activities, working together to solve intriguing "nature-based problems." These might include scavenger hunts, exhilarating "bioblitzes" (a race to identify as many organisms as possible), and innovative games that teach us about nature.

  3. Community: Understanding our local government and how our community functions is vital. We'll attend community meetings, such as the City of Loveland's Tree & Environment Committee and City Council sessions, to gain insights into civic engagement. This knowledge is essential for our upcoming phase: "Identifying Opportunities to Help Nature."

January - April

In the months that follow (January to April 2024), we'll continue the activities from our "Connect Phase." However, we'll also focus on identifying ways the Youth Conservation Team can actively contribute to improving and enhancing the ecosystems of Loveland.

This will involve visiting "healthy sites" and "unhealthy sites" to develop the skills needed to evaluate the health of a location. After a few site visits, our members will start envisioning what these "unhealthy sites" could become if they were "healthy." They'll create plans, budgets, and timelines for implementing projects to revitalize these areas. Whether it's pollinator habitats, songbird sanctuaries, wetlands, or streams, the choice will be theirs.

Mid April - June 2024

The third phase, "Making a Positive Impact," kicks off from mid-April to June 2024. During this period, our members will roll up their sleeves and take action. They'll order plants and supplies, reach out to local entities, conduct site visits, and, most importantly, implement their carefully crafted projects.


Join us on this exciting journey as we connect with nature, our fellow team members, and our community. Together, we'll make a lasting and positive impact on the environment we cherish.

Let's make a difference, one step at a time.

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