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Our main goal is for people to make the appropriate changes in their yard to combat the biodiversity crisis.  We will come to your home or business and tell you what needs to go and what natives to plant in order to create your own biodiversity island. 

Description & Rates: 


Initial consultation (~30-50 minutes): Walk property and make notes regarding “assets” and “liabilities”. Summary of assets and liabilities.   

 Members: $35; Non-members: $55


In-depth consultation (~45-60 minutes): In-depth discussion regarding recommendations for enhancing and creating “assets” and eliminating “liabilities”; short report providing remedies for liabilities and enhancement opportunities.  

Members: $55; Non-members: $80


Management Plan: Long-term strategy to sustain biodiversity on property. Client is provided a report with a list of conservation recommendations and mapping of existing (baseline) conditions and conditions following implementation of conservation recommendations. 

Members: $125 (up to 1 acre; $50 for each additional acre); Non-members: $175 (up to 1 acre; $65 for each additional acre)

Contact Doug to set up an appointment or 513-201-8701

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