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Love Our Land's Land Steward Academy was created to help people understand the biodiversity crisis and connect people and nature in a variety of ways.  We will hold seminars, workshops, in-person classes, and online courses in order to reach a wide array of people and their needs.

All classes will have a small fee to cover costs, but upon completion of any course you will receive a voucher for a free nature walk or discounts toward future events.  We are even in the progress of creating a variety of certifications that can be achieved through particular class groups and courses. 


None of this would be possible without the support of our sponsor, Gina Dubell-Smith and her Designed2Sell Team, eXp Realty.  They truly are an amazing group of people that care about our community!  We cannot thank them enough.

Our 2 Main Classes are:

How to Love Your Land: A Homeowner's Guide to Saving Biodiversity I

This course teaches you the basics of biodiversity, the biodiversity crisis, and how you can make minor changes on your land to help heal it and bring back life!


How to Create a Biodiversity Island in Your Yard: A Homeowner's Guide to Saving Biodiversity II

This course teaches you more specifically how and what  to plant native in your yard to bring back biodiversity.  We recommend that you take class 1 first, but it is not a must.  

To see if we have any in person classes soon, click here


To check out our online Classes click here.


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