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Bringing life back to our neighborhoods, one yard at a time.



Our mission is to educate and empower individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to address biodiversity loss.  We achieve this through promoting the planting of native vegetation and the removal of non-native invasive plants in our neighborhoods, public green spaces, and yards.



Our planet's rich biodiversity, essential for our well-being, is under threat due to human activities like habitat destruction and climate change. This puts many species at risk of extinction, impacting our food supply, ecosystems, and ability to adapt to a changing climate. The loss also affects economies and cultures tied to biodiversity.

To help, plant native species and remove non-native ones. Native plants and animals have evolved together, fostering critical relationships for ecosystem health. They provide food and habitat for various species. In contrast, non-native invasive species can disrupt ecosystems, harming the environment, economy, and human health.

Take action by planting natives, supporting local conservation efforts, reducing pesticide use, and educating yourself and others. Together, we can address the biodiversity crisis, creating a healthier environment for all living things.

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Did you receive a seed packet from us?

Thank you for helping to bring back this important native flower!  Here is the link for planting instructions!  We'd love to see your flowers when they bloom!  Send them our way or tag us on social media.  

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