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WildSky Sanctuaries

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In the skies of southwest Ohio, a unique initiative is taking flight, and we invite you to be a part of something truly transformative. Love Our Land's WildSky Sanctuaries is a bird, bat, and owl box program dedicated to safeguarding the precious winged inhabitants that grace our surroundings.  We look to make the skies above us wild again...brimming with life.  If you know of an area that could use bird, bat, and owl boxes and you have a team that can help monitor them (we can train you!), please reach out!

The Vital Role of Bird, Bat, and Owl Boxes: A Sanctuary in the Sky

In urbanized landscapes, finding suitable nesting and roosting sites for our feathered and furry friends can be a daunting challenge. Enter our bird, bat, and owl boxes—the unsung heroes of biodiversity conservation. These artificial shelters provide safe havens for avian and nocturnal species, fostering biodiversity by offering refuge where it's often in short supply.

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How to Make the Different Boxes:

Eastern Bluebird

Bat - 4 Chamber Nursery

Bat- Rocket House

Screech Owl/ American Kestrel

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