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Love Our Land Service Seal Program

Program Overview


At Love Our Land, we believe in the power of youth engagement and community service. Our Volunteer Program provides an exciting opportunity for high school students to make a meaningful impact on the environment while earning a Community Service Seal on their high school diploma.  The state of Ohio now mandates that in order to graduate, students must have earned a minimum of  2 seals, but they may earn more. . This program offers two options for participants:


20 Volunteer Hours: Students can choose to complete 20 hours of volunteer service with Love Our Land. These volunteer hours will be dedicated to meaningful and informative projects related to our mission.  We will immerse the student into the many different areas of the nonprofit and work with the students as to where they may want to focus their attention.


Community Project: Alternatively, students can opt to work on a project that aligns with Love Our Land's goals. The specifics of the project will be discussed and decided upon once the student is accepted into the program.  The equivalent amount of time will be spent on the project as the volunteer hours.

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What You Will Learn

By participating in Love Our Land's Volunteer Program, students will have the opportunity to:


Work Collaboratively: Learn to work effectively in a team, developing teamwork and communication skills that are essential for success in any field.


Nonprofit Operations: Gain insights into how nonprofit organizations manage their time, resources, and projects to achieve their mission.


Real-World Project Experience: Experience firsthand how projects are planned, executed, and completed in the real world, providing you with valuable skills for your future endeavors.


Who Can Apply

We welcome students from Loveland High School, Milford, Kings, Moeller, Sycamore, Indian Hill, or any local school to apply for our program. We accept students starting from the summer before their freshman year up to the summer before their senior year. Whether you are passionate about the environment, community service, or looking to earn the Community Service Seal on your high school graduation diploma, Love Our Land offers a unique and fulfilling opportunity.


Limited Availability

Please note that we have a limited capacity, and we plan to accept only 10 students per year into our program. The selection process involves an interview with Love Our Land to discuss your interests and how we can customize your experience to align with your talents while fulfilling our organization's mission.


How to Apply

If you are interested in becoming a part of Love Our Land's Volunteer Program, please reach out to us to schedule an interview and discuss your potential involvement. Feel free to share this opportunity with your fellow students and school staff as we are excited to help you begin your journey towards earning the Community Service Seal while making a positive impact on our environment.


Contact Information

Mike Meldon, Co-Founder and Program Coordinator



We look forward to welcoming motivated and passionate students into our program to work together in making our communities greener, healthier, and more connected with nature. Join us in bringing life back to our neighborhoods, one yard at a time!

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