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Local Land Stewards

Love Our Land's  Local Land Stewards are community representatives of Love Our Land, a non-profit organization based in Ohio. Our mission is to address the biodiversity crisis and promote the importance of planting native species while removing non-native invasive plants.

We believe that by revitalizing our neighborhoods, one yard at a time, we can make a significant impact on preserving and restoring natural ecosystems. Founded by passionate environmentalists Doug and Mike, Love Our Land aims to educate and inspire people to reconnect with nature and transform their own yards into thriving habitats.

Although our efforts have yielded positive results in Loveland, we recognize the need to expand our reach. That's why we're calling for Local Land Stewards to represent Love Our Land in communities across southwest Ohio. As a Local Land Steward, you will play a crucial role in empowering others to embrace sustainable practices, contribute to biodiversity conservation, and strengthen the connection between people and nature.

In your capacity as a Local Land Steward, you will have various opportunities to make an impact. This includes leading nature walks, conducting informative talks, hosting documentary showings, facilitating educational classes, and more within your own community or neighborhood, all under the Love Our Land name and mission. We will provide full support and assistance to ensure your success in these endeavors.

To recognize your dedication and passion, we offer a Love Our Land t-shirt, hat, a short bio on our webpage, and the possibility of earning credits towards OCVN (Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist) hours, if applicable. We are seeking representatives from a range of communities, including Milford, Delhi, Madeira, Bond Hill, Colerain, Ross, Amelia, Anderson, Hyde Park, and more, as we strive to include all communities in our mission to restore biodiversity.

At Love Our Land, we firmly believe that healing our land requires a collective effort. We wholeheartedly invite you to join our growing team. We value creativity and community, and we are open to exploring unique outreach strategies that align with the interests and passions of your community. Your insights and ideas will be highly valued and embraced as we work together towards a more sustainable future.

If interested, please fill out the form below (click button)

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